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welcome to oli4.ch! this website focusses on following themes: java, the region of neuchâtel (this is where i live), tipoussin and others... some sites are written in english, others in german or french. your feedback is welcome.


olivier gäumann
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the domain oli4.ch is open since february 2001. all the sites of the main column (in the center of this page) are my own products, some are older and some more recent...


Le voyage proposé sur ce site est un voyage dans la quatrième dimension. Êtes-vous déjà monté dans une machine à remonter le temps? Non? Alors vous pouvez le faire ici. Vous visiterez la région de Neuchâtel, vous voyagerez entre le 19ème siècle et le présent...

(last modifications: 24.04.2007)

"Non, non, je t'assure! C'est paaaas moi!!! J'sais pas qui a cassé la vitre à la cuisine... Hein? Qui? Moi? Qu'est-ce que je faisais avant? Biiiin je jouait au foot, pourquoi...?"

(last modifications: around 1998)

my old "classical" java site. it contains several little applets, clocks, webpage-counters, a pool game and other useless stuff...

(last modifications: around 1997)

La grange à La Montagne... zerfallende Erinnerungen einer verschwundenen Epoche.

(last modifications: around 1999)

...creates your soundpaintings!
LAoE means "Layer-based AudiO Editor" and it is an audiosample-editor suitable for manipulate sound, such as filtering, retouching, resampling, and effects, like reverb, echo, compress, expand, pitch-shift, time-stretch, and much more...

(last modifications: 09.12.2001)

Voilà Moustique, notre ami le chat... this site is under construction!

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the site of neuchatel has been updated with bigger pictures.

today, the LAoE site has been visited over 1000 times since september. this is the most visited site of my domain now.

the LAoE site has been added. this is my newest project, an audiosample-editor. The biggest project I've ever done...

ok, at the moment, everything is new here...! if you know the region of neuchâtel in switzerland, have a look at the site of "neuchâtel".

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